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"It was a pleasure having Bryan as a teacher. His knowledge and vast field experience shone through as he mentored us through our study of controls, forced warm air heating systems, and forced air add-ons."

Craig Pickering
- G3 / G2 Student

"I would highly recommend Dave Ferguson of Ferguson Energy Consulting Plus as an instructor for G1, G2, G3 gas fitter TSSA certification. Dave shows great integrity and strives for excellence in his teaching and for his students so that they are able to achieve their gas fitter training."

Paul Brisson — Owner
- Brisson & Massie Mechanical Inc.

"Dave has an incredible way of connecting to his students and interacting in a way that is professional but also seems to earn great respect from them and they often return and keep in touch for years to come."

Amanda Clark - Director of Student Services
- North American Trade Schools

"Dave was the teacher who brought us through our g3 training at school and he is an individual who sincerely cares about his students and will do anything to see his students succeed in the HVAC industry."

Craig Moir

"He is able to keep his class focused, engaged, excited and enthusiastic by relating the material to scenarios he has encountered while on the job. His teaching style of breaking everything down the simplest form and building up from there coupled with his determination to see everyone succeed, gives his students the chance to be successful. "

Cody Weller

"Mr. Ferguson is a prime example of how a good teacher can change a learning experience in an extremely positive way."

Ali Zebian
- HVAC Graduate 2009, G2 Certificate

"Dave tries to figure out how each student can learn and therefore adjusts how he teaches to get his point across. Very few people in the teaching field can do this. I owe a lot to him in my success in the trade and would recommend him as an educator to anyone."

Dayle Schistel

"I found both instructors Dave Ferguson and Bryan Spencer to be very knowledgeable. There was a great deal of detail and explanation in all the topics discussed. I have and will continue to recommend Ferguson Energy Consultants to anyone looking to pursue any of the gas fitter license G1, G2 or G3."

James O'Phee
- Owner of Jero Contracting

"Dave and Bryan have a way of teaching that keeps your attention and makes you think about what you are learning, it does not take long before you understand they truly want you to learn and understand what they are teaching. I would recommend anyone that asks me about G1 training to talk to these two guys!"

Steve Melick

"One of Bryan’s greatest strengths is his ability to relate to his students with compassion and understanding which makes him a great and needed part of the NATS team. His patience and consistency is noticed and appreciated."

Amanda Clark - Director of Student Services
- North American Trade Schools

"Dave makes himself available for extra study time or any help you need, all he asks is for you to give it your best effort in return. One of the best things about him is that he doesn’t just stand in front of you and read text book after text book, he reads it, explains it, then takes you into the lab and shows you how and why it works."

Andrew Heubach

"I take pride in the fact that I will continue to learn throughout my career thanks to the values and techniques Mr. Ferguson bestowed me while I was in his class. I hope he continues to encourage and support his students for many years to come."

Oscar Cerda

"Dave is passionate about sharing the knowledge and experience he has acquired from his extensive career in the HVAC field with his student on a daily basis. Dave creates a culture of success in his classroom and he continually brings out the best in his students.

Ryan Alary - Campus Director
- North American Trade Schools